FAQs For A Dog With Matted Hair (Matts)


Dog fur often becomes tangled and knotted around itself without frequent brushing, which is named matting. Mats occur frequently in many dog breeds with curly, fine, or double coats. In extreme cases, the dog’s coat will become what groomers call “pelted”, when matting is extremely tight to the skin, preventing proper airflow. Matting and pelting prevent proper temperature regulation, causes skin irritation, hides parasites like fleas or other nasties, and cause extreme discomfort and pain for the dog. Mats are mostly preventable! Let’s check out why your dog’s coat is forming mats and belongings you can do to stay them cornered. We’ll also mention what your options are if your dog’s coat is already matted. This article will shed light on a topic related to matted dog hair.

How To Groom A Dog With Matted Hair?

Every dog owner has a question in their mind that is how to shave a dog with matted hair. It is really easy to groom your dog’s matted hair if you do it correctly.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1

Request permission to observe your regular groomer shave a dog if you’re nervous. Dogs can sense your mood and may usually tell if you’re nervous, so being calm once you shave your dog will help both you and your pet. Not only will watching help to relax you, but you’ll likely also devour a couple of helpful tricks of the trade you’ll apply once you shave your dog.

Step 2

Place your dog on a table and hold it securely by the collar. For hands-free grooming, tie a leash to the rear of a chair and push the chair in. Attach your dog to the opposite end of the leash to assist keep the dog from jumping right down to escape your clippers while you’re grooming it.

Step 3

Ask a lover to assist you if you recognize your dog is especially squirmy or immune to grooming.

Step 4

Shave the dog’s underarms and under-tail area with the blades. Hold the clippers with the comb attachment flat against the dog’s skin to stop injury. Stop shaving if your dog starts squirming an excessive amount and wait until it calms down.

Step 5

Shave down the rear of the dog from behind the top to the tail. If your dog’s mats have reached right down to the skin or on the brink of it, leave the blades on for shaving the entire body. If the mats aren’t that severe, you’ll switch to a rather larger blade.

Step 6

Shave down the dog’s sides and down the legs next. If the dog’s fur is severely matted, the whole coat might come off in one piece sort of a sweater. Check the shavers for overheating regularly while shaving your dog, since they have a tendency to overheat and will burn your pet.

Step 7

Shave your dog’s belly last. After shaving, your dog could also be itchy. provides it a cool bath to rinse the fur and calm the skin and check out to not let it rub or scratch as doing so could cause hot spots.

What Can U Wash A Dog With To Getting Rid Of Matted Hair?

You can easily wash the matted dog hair by following these simple rules:

STEP 1 Start with a slicker brush Since most of the mats you discover are likely to get on Jack’s ears, belly, under his limbs, or around his tail, you would like to start out out with a slicker brush. Gently brush the hair around the mat in order that you’ll lift and separate it far away from the mat, supplying you with better access to the mat itself.

STEP 2 Use a detangler Apply a vet-approved detangler to the mats in your dog’s coat. make certain you soak it down so as to form the hair as slick as possible. you furthermore may get to confirm you get all surfaces of the mat well-coated.

STEP 3 Work the mat out using your fingers Now that his hair is good and slippery, you’ll try removing the mats using your fingers and a de-matting tool. make certain to run the dematting tool within the same direction your dog’s hair is growing.

STEP 4 Into the bathtub Put your pup within the tub and provides him a shower employing a vet-approved shampoo. If he still has the mat in his coat, work around it. Try using some running water from a showerhead with an extended hose to assist work the mat a touch looser. Rinse thoroughly to get rid of all traces of the shampoo and any dirt out of his coat.

STEP 5 the ultimate cut If by this point, your dog still has the mat in it, you would like to use a pair of straight shear to chop it out. Follow this up by giving him a final once over with the slicker brush and you’re all done!

What Happens To A Dog’s Skin With Severally Matted Hair?

Matting may be a condition in your dog’s fur that’s caused by dense tangles and knots. it is a painful condition that will cause other health concerns like infections or skin irritations and may also mask other health issues or parasites. Mats stop the airflow in your dog’s hair and may trap moisture, which may cause irritation and sores on your dog. Even mild matting is often painful, but in severe cases, matting can stop circulation to your dog’s skin and cause hematomas.

In some circumstances, matting could also be so severe that you simply would wish to require your dog to a veterinarian for treatment. Some dogs have coats that are higher maintenance and more susceptible to matting. Any long hair dog can get matting, but certain breeds and coat types are more susceptible to matting, like Poodles, Doodles, Curly coats, Cocker Spaniels, Bishon, ShihTzu, and any variation of those breeds. Dogs with long silky coats like Yorkies also can get matted also as double-coated dogs.

What Kind Of Dog Clippers Are Best For Matted Dog Hair?

You need to keep in mind a few things if you want to buy the best dog clippers for matted hair. Depending on your dog and their lifestyle, the differing elements of matted dog clippers will have different levels of importance. Analyze each factor before you create your final purchase.

Motor Speed

The higher the motor speed, the higher the dog clipper is. A dog clipper with a high motor speed will clip fur easily and quickly. it’s also useful to supply pressure for larger dogs, with heavily matted, coarse, and stubborn hair. Therefore, dog clippers for thick hair tend to possess better motor speeds. Moreover, a faster clipper will make the method more convenient for you and your dog. However, it should be noted that a beginner shouldn’t start with a high-speed clipper, because it is often dangerous for the user and therefore the pet.


It is of utmost importance that the machine you’re using is of top quality. Premium clippers tend to possess adequate insulation and cooling system. Machines that tend to overheat easily can’t only be painful and dangerous for your pet, resulting in possible burns but also can stop midway through the grooming session. They also tend to breakdown or malfunction rather frequently than those with better cooling.


Many pet owners ignore this aspect. If you propose ignoring the background level of an otherwise well priced and good quality clipper, deeming the noise as a minor drawback, think again! Loud and noisy clippers tend to irritate the dogs which may end in a scarcity of cooperation from the pet. If you’ve got ever tried to clip hairs of an unwilling and uncooperative dog, you’d skills difficult and dangerous it can get. Thus, we advise you to not gloss over this seemingly minor issue and consider silent dog clippers. Always choose a matted hair dog clipper that produces minimal noise, albeit you’ve got to pay a couple of extra bucks.


Clippers that weigh more tend to be more heavy-duty. this suggests they’re ideal for thick heavily matted hair, which regular clippers won’t be ready to clip off. they’re likely to possess an extended battery life also. However, if you’re a beginner or have trouble maneuvering a weighted clipper, choose one with an inexpensive weight.

Cordless Or Not

This is a troublesome debate to settle. Whether to travel cordless or not is basically a matter of preference. While using cordless matted dog clippers is right for beginners, people who accompany a cord have their own merits. A cordless clipper is simpler to handle, more mobile, and versatile. It allows you to succeed in various tricky spots easily. However, if you would like a clipper for thick and severely matted dog hair, you’re happier utilizing a corded clipper. A corded matted dog clipper provides higher power and is right for the stubborn matted fur- easily clipping away those thick ties rather than supplying you with a hassle.

Hope this article was successful in answering all your questions related to matted dog hair.

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