How To Train A Blue Heeler Puppy Not To Bite


Do you want to know how to train a blue heeler puppy not to bite? Do you know how hard is it to train a dachshund blue heeler puppy? Although blue heeler puppies are cute and adorable, they can be terrible at first for the owners who have no previous experience. It is not surprising to have issues with the biting of a blue heeler puppy. That is because they are born to do that. If you are someone who wants to completely eradicate the biting problem of blue heeler puppies then don’t worry, just continue reading as this article about how to train a blue heeler puppy not to bite has got everything covered.

We will get to know everything from how to train a blue heeler puppy, how to potty train a blue heeler puppy to how to train my blue heeler puppy to signal me to outside to go potty. Even after all this, a question arises “ how hard is it to train a dachshund blue heeler puppy?” After reading this article hopefully, you will know how to train an Australian cattle dog/blue heeler/husky puppy. At first, without going directly to the solution we should look at the reason why most blue heeler puppies have biting problems, and then we will look into the solution to this problem. Read more.

Why Do Blue Heeler Puppies Bite Excessively?

If your blue heeler puppy is biting excessively then there is nothing to worry about. Because they have inherited this behaviour genetically. If you look at the history of these breeds you will find that its ancestors were the ones controlling and herding herds of cattle.  Another name of this breed is the Australian cattle dog because the origin of this cattle is from Queensland Australia. They used to be in charge of the cattle in the second largest state in Australia, Queensland.

This is why they still excel in livestock and they are extremely watchful to protect their families. Now it might make sense to you why they have biting issues because they are born to protect their families and livestock of people. Another reason why these puppies bite a lot is that they have been separated from their families at the wrong time. When they are puppies they are encouraged by their family members to play and learn to bite whatever they can. But after a certain period, whenever they bite too hard, their littermates yelp and discourage them to do this one again. And this will teach them to use their mouths more gently if they want to keep playing.

However, these pet puppies will not have that chance to learn from their mistakes. Now you will get to know how to train a blue heeler puppy not to bite.

Blue Heeler Puppy Training Tips

These tips will help you train your puppy.

  • At first, know about the nature of your dog- When you train your puppy remember that it was born to run all day and without getting tired. They enjoy the fact that you stay with them all day. Take them everywhere you go and give it lots of work to do. It cannot stay alone and might go into depression if they are left alone.
  • During the training period, expose your dog to more animals or kids. It is because these dogs tend to get aggressive when they meet strangers. After all, it is part of the herding job. They have to keep an eye on whoever is entering and going outside the house, so introducing the animals and kids to them will help them to recognise them. They will get to know more about how to behave with the children in the house. They also consider the neighbour’s cat as a spy at first, however, they tend to get on with them well if they are raised together.
  • You need to give rewards accordingly and give positive feedback. This is done so that it can make a better connection between the reward and the action.
  • Consistently is the key to training your puppy will. If you teach your dog a new rule then always try to stick to that rule by breaking it even once. Your blue heeler dog or even any dog cannot figure out why something was forbidden one and but not the other day.
  • Know that common techniques like making noise if your puppy bites or ignoring it after every bite will not work for this one. Because they were born to bite hard and become more aggressive if the object it is biting makes more noise. So always avoid overstimulating your puppy.
  • You always try to keep your blue heeler puppy busy all the time. But not by making it perform difficult activities, but by interacting with it with different toys. Keep it busy by teaching new techniques every day. Allow it to play games or solve puzzles.

How To Train A Blue Heeler Puppy?

Some people ask me “ how to best train a blue heeler puppy”. If you want to train everything professionally then it will be best if you enroll your dog in a puppy class. Puppy classes are a great method to effectively reduce the habit of biting hard. Because in a pubby class it will interact with other puppies and it can socialise more often. This will help it to gain more social skills. You should look for classes that are conscious about the infection of dogs, and those who vaccinate regularly.

How To Potty Train A Blue Heeler Puppy?

This is another common question that most pet owners have. However, you will be glad to know that it is not that difficult to train a blue heeler puppy to potty outside in one particular place. Because from the very beginning they want to learn new things. So this will be a plus.

  • Make a fixed schedule- It is important you remain consistent with the rules and make out time for your dog every morning, after every meal, after naps, and finally before bed. This is only during the training period.
  • Make a fixed location- While choosing a perfect location, make sure to choose a place that is near so it can be reached out easily during emergencies. An area which is easily washable and finally, a place where other dogs cannot go.
  • Every time your dog obeys a rule, reward it so that it continues to obey.

And finally, be persistent, patient, and praise your puppy more often for learning new things. I hope you found some value in this article about how to train a blue heeler puppy not to bite. Best of luck.

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