How To Detangle Matted Dog Hair Painlessly?


Nothing can be worse to a dog owner than his dog’s hair getting matted. Matted dog hair is not only ugly and dirty but also painful to our dogs sometimes. Also, there are some specific breeds of dogs that are even more likely to get their coat hair matted. And when we see our little pup we matted hair, we naturally think about how to detangle matted dog hair painlessly so that they do not have to deal with any sort of irritation.
In this blog, we would discuss why do dog hair gets matted and some easy ways to detangle matted dog hair painlessly. Be sure to stick till the end!

Why Dog Fur Gets Matted Easily?

Getting a dog’s hair matted is very common for us dog owners. And most times, we do not even notice when their hair is getting matted. There are numerous reasons why their hair may get matted. Some of them are mentioned below.
  1. The most common reason is improper care. If you do not take proper care of the pet’s hair, your dog hair is likely to mat.
  2. Due to being dirty, the coat hair may get tangled and stuck and cause the matting.
  3. Due to allergies that might cause itching may induce matting of dog hair. As the dog constantly scratches and licks its skin, the fur gets dirty and develops matting.
  4. Matting just before the summer can be seasonal. As they shed their winter coat, the residue hairs get stuck, and thus matting occurs.
  5. If your dog is attacked by fleas or ticks, it might cause them to itch their coat more. Thus, it would result in matting.
  6. If your dog remains wet for too long after swimming, then it gets dirty soon. And that is why your dog fur is getting matted.

What Are The Dangers Of Matting of Dog Hair?

It is wise to check on your dog frequently to see if there is any matting. If the case of matting is severe, the dogs face a number of irritations. Especially when you are trying to detangle the mat, their pain is unavoidable. Even if the matting is mild, they still feel enough pain.
Your dog’s body does not get any air or sunlight if it is covered by mats. This makes the dog’s skin sore and prone to different infections and insects. Moreover, matting in extreme cases even disrupts your dog’s blood circulation. Even, matted hair tends to get dirtier which is a potential threat to the dog’s hygiene. I have seen some of my friends taking their dogs to the vet due to extreme matting!

How To Detangle Matted Dog Hair Painlessly?

If your dog’s hair is matted, the first thing that would come to your mind is how to detangle the matted hair that too in a less painful way. If you take your dog to groomers, the only thing most of them would do is shaving them off. And the sad part is, they won’t even care for the comfort of your pup.
However, it is suggested to opt for other detangling techniques rather than shaving if the case is not severe. You will need a few tools in the process of how to detangle matted dog hair painlessly. The required tools are,
  1. Comb
  2. Detangler spray or lotion
  3. Slicker brush
  4. Rake
  5. Dematting toolset
  6. Mat splitting tool
  7. Shampoo and conditioner
The process of detangling dog matting painlessly or with the most minimal amount of pain is given below. The first thing you must do is taming your pet. Your dog needs to be cooperative during the detangling or else it would be much harder for you and also painful to your dog. Also, as soon as you notice matted dog hair, do not ever bathe your dog again. He might be a bit dirty but bathing would make the tangles even worse. Then apply a detangler. Many detanglers are available online which can help you to detangle matted dog hair painlessly.
From this point onwards, you need to take a few systematic approaches.
At first, gently caress your dog’s hair. Use your fingers to detangle any small matting. Do this by taking small sections at a time. Spend a good amount of time gently stroking its hair and loosening the mats. Then lightly comb its hair and see if there is still matting left.
Then use a slicker brush. Trust me; they work miraculously! Again, section the hair accordingly. Stroke along with the hair growth. And use gentle force as hard strokes may cause pain to your dog. If your dog has lighter matting, this step should be enough to detangle the mats.
However, if the matting still persists, use a mat rake. Also, using a dematting toolset is ideal in this state. The toolset comes with almost all the tools you need to get through medium to heavy matting. The rakes can be used to cut through denser matting. Even, mat-splitting tools do the same task. Once you cut through the denser mats using a rake or splitter, gently brush the dog’s coat hair.
In case of further matting, it is wise to groom or shave the dog’s coat. Or you can opt for clippers to clip off the mats which may cause a bit of pain to your dog. After you are done detangling the matted hair, you can finally give your dog a shower. Use a good shampoo and conditioner to give him a rinse. Thus, you are done with the mission!

How To Prevent Dog Hair Matting?

Prevention is certainly better than spending time to detangle your dog’s hair. That is why it is wise to be cautious if you own a dog with thick luscious hair. Keep the following points in mind.
  1. Brush the coat hair thoroughly. If their hair is brushed on a regular basis, then matting won’t even occur
  2. Keep the hair clean. Use shampoo and conditioner regularly during giving your dog a shower
  3. After bathing and swimming, dry your dog’s coat thoroughly. Wet hair is more likely to get tangled.
  4. Be extra cautious during seasonal coat changes.
  5. Beware of fleas and ticks. Also, if your dog gets any allergies, be sure to treat it properly.
If you have come this far, you likely have all the information you need on how to detangle matted dog hair painlessly. Always take care of your little friend.

Thanks for reading my blog.

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