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The dog training collars are a vital material for all dog owners generally used for control, identification, style, or safety. Dogs are widely kept as a loyal pet all over the world moreover it is also used in diverse specialized branches. Therefore a variety of collars for dogs with numerous features has been introduced by many companies for various purposes to keep the dogs under control. Dog training Collars are always made from comfortable material that does not chafe the dog’s neck. There are regular, special-purpose,
medical and training collars available for dogs. No matter what will be the duty of the dog, training is mandatory and that’s where the dog training collar comes in. Training collars are usually used during the training period only and not left on the dog’s neck as some collars can be harmful or dangerous if left on a dog unsupervised To control or train the dog there are few common types of collars that are made to meet the requirements such as Buckle Collars, Choke Chain, Shock Collars, etc.
Buckle Collars are fastened with a buckle and one of the simplest collars available for dogs. Generally, it is made of nylon or leather and the shape can be flat or rolled. Most of them are adjustable but it is advisable not to tighten them on the dog’s neck once fastened. Leather collars serve the same purpose and tend to fit more comfortably. Adjustable nylon collars are recommended for growing pups. The shock collar is kind of a chain that can be formed into a loop around the top of the dog’s neck, just behind the ears. The ring which connects to the leash goes over the back of the dog’s neck. This collar
should never be left on an unattended dog and always removed when the leash is removed. A shock collar is also called an electric dog collar which is widely used for dog training purposes. Along with the collar, the dog carries a device that delivers electrical stimulation which is detonated by remote control or by preset values inside it. This electric stimulation can range from a mild tickling sensation to a painful shock. Moreover, there are numerous debates among the experts on using shock collars for training purposes. . As the shock collar mostly trains the dogs with electric static shock it can be a disaster for a person who doesn’t know how to implement this in a proper way. But for a skilled and understandable person shock dog training collar can be an irreplaceable Collar. The shock collars are used to train the dogs for various purposes such as in behavioral and action modification of dogs, pet containment, for anti-barking, to keep the dogs safe from unwanted animals,s, etc. As we come to know about the purpose of using the shock or electric collars for dogs it is also crucial to know how they actually work. This type of dog training collar delivers an electric stimulus or energy through the collar worn around the neck to the body of dogs that immediately surprise it and stop from whatever it is doing. With various types of collars, this device always provides an electronic unit that produces various stimulations like vibration, tone, light, and static shock with a preset remote or in-home transmitter. In general, there are three categories of dog shock collars found in dog training and these are:

1. Dog Training Collars:

As the name utters ‘ Dog training collars’, so this type of shock dog training collars are basically used for the training and behavioral modification of dogs. Dog training collar includes an electric unit on the collar and a remote control transmitter operated by the person. If a dog doesn’t follow the given command or gets distracted from whatever it is doing then the trainer can activate the device by the remote control that will give a preset stimulus to correct the dog or take it back to the task. Training dog collars are used in off-leash training that gives sufficient coverage like 1000 feet to 500 yards even some of this collar for dogs comes with more coverage. These types of remote dog training collars come with medium to high range prices. There are so many useful dog training collars and among them is:

BigLeash Remote Dog Training Collar:

It is a remote dogwatch and waterproof dog training collar that consist of digital FM technology and unique ‘in-touch two-way communications between the hand-held transmitter and the dog’s receiver collar. BigLeash dog training collar has some excellent features like an LCD display, firefly nightlights, rechargeable batteries, 4 different stimulation modes including vibration, tone, nick, and continuous options and etc. So using this BigLash collar any type of dog can be trained by the suitable modes and manage accordingly. It has an essential feature like firefly nightlights that
one can use to train a dog and identify its location at night that is accessible from the weatherproof transmitter. The in-touch two-way communication covers ½ mile range to train the dog and it knows when the dog is almost out of the range so one can quickly call the dog back. So there may not be needed any electric fence for dogs to control the range. BigLeash dog training collar comes with a rechargeable battery and Y-cord battery charger that charges both units at the same time and there will be no worries to look for a new battery. This type of BigLeash collar for dogs becomes handy and easy to train the dogs on the beach, in the lake, or on a wet field just because of its waterproof receiver and weatherproof transmitter. The transmitter can easily be used by a second dog with an additional collar and different settings. It is a user-friendly dog training collar for anyone with dog behavior problems and stock proofing and who wants a fast response, fast charge, and lots of levels. The collar is
only for use with healthy dogs by repositioning the collar every 1-2 hours and it shouldn’t be used more than 10 hours per day.

2. Anti-bark Collars:

it is a dog collar that is often used to control a dog’s barking. Though it is natural for a dog to bark there is some person who doesn’t feel like knowing the reason why the dog is barking. They simply want to ignore it may be for their laziness or some unacceptable reasons and that is why they stop them forcefully using an anti-bark collar. The electric anti-bark collar can detect the vibration of vocal cords when a dog barks or urges to bark. After the collar’s identification of vocal cords vibration delivers a low-level static shock on the dog’s neck to stop it from barking. Besides the shock bark collar, there is a kind of bark collar that includes a small microphone to release plant base citronella fragrance into the air on detecting the vibration of barking that reduces nuisance barking. There are vast numbers of waterproof electric dog collars for reducing nuisance barking. We all know whether someone uses a shock collar or citronella collar but it is absolutely a cruel way to correct the dogs by using anti-bark collars. It is prohibited in some countries to use anti-bark collars then again pet trainers use this bark collar to correct the dogs and one of them is: Petrainer anti-bark collar: There are various types of Petrainer anti-bark collar say for example some have high frequent static shock, some are low, some have ultrasonic beep and sock with different level of correction. Some high-level trainer anti-bark collars are systemized with a chain that at the first approach of dog’s barking it will give a warning creating sound, and then come with a louder sound and mild shock. If it doesn’t work then the collar gives a high level of correction. So instead of some this Petrainer bark collar that increases the correction level on each bark within a time limit, some prefer to use the Citronella bark collar that is quite safe for the dog’s health. A pet dog trainer can also customize the Petrainer anti-bark collar for a specific environment that would give the dogs relaxation and freedom to bark in other places. Read more..

3. Invisible Fence Collar:

It is a dog training collar that contains an invisible underground dog fence system as well as a ground invisible fence system. Invisible dog fences can be found in wireless and wired systems that are actually based on electric units. These types of invisible dog fences are used to train and prevent a pet dog to go beyond the property line. Though an invisible fence for dogs can be placed underground or on the ground of the edge of the property line it contains an electric dog collar worn around the dog neck. The invisible fence for dogs works on a system by producing energy with a home monitoring/transmitter device, a receiver digitally connected with a collar, and a boundary line given by the electric wires or wireless fences. Rather than training a wireless dog fence or a wired dog fence mostly popular for pet containment. To give safety and freedom to a dog the pet trainer must need an invisible dog fence outdoor. When a dog stays in the yard surrounded by an invisible fence and tries to reach the boundary the receiver takes in an electric shock and gives the dog to surprise it and stop the movement. Generally, the electric shock is similar to a quick splash of water on the face so there is no chance for the dog to get hurt. But based on the weight, behavior, and size of the dogs the correction level can be customized on the transmitter. The basic concept of a wired invisible dog fence system is almost similar to the Petsafe wireless containment system but the features and qualities are not. But both of these invisible fence collars not only come with only static electric shock feature but also includes some excellent stimulus features like vibration, tone, light, spray, etc. This kind of invisible dog fence system unlike physical fence more convenient and light worthy. One thing that these collars like an invisible wired fence for dogs or another model of wireless fences for dogs are more expensive than any type of electric dog collars. Apart from the higher price of them, we will see how effective and userfriendly these electric invisible wireless and wired dog fences are from the discussion below:

Invisible wired fence collar: in these systemized collars the electrically charged wires are placed about 3- 4 inches underground around the outer edge of the property. Though there are some invisible dogs fences that need to be placed in square, oval, or round shape this type of invisible wired fence can be placed underground at the owner’s convenience. As we said earlier apart from giving electric shock this type of shock collar can deliver other forms of stimulus like vibration, light, tone, etc but the working procedure or mechanism remains the same. When a dog performs undesirable things or tries to go beyond the
boundary the device detects it or the trainer sees it, the stimulus is applied to correct the dog’s behavior or stop him on the basis of the situation or activities. But the static shock training should only be used when all other forms of stimulus have been proven ineffective for a long time. Invisible wired fence collars include a rechargeable battery or a normal changeable battery. But a good feature of the invisible weird fence is the battery backup option to tackle the delay battery changing. There are some unwelcoming neighbors and laws about physical dog fences so in this case, an invisible wired dog fence is the best and safe option for the dog as well as for the owner. More than one dog can also be added with the same transmitter but an extra collar is needed. There are some disadvantages of wired electric fence for dogs such as it takes time to get installed, one must check the battery frequently and the most serious fact that one must not leave the dog alone at dog fence outdoor because invisible dog fence collar doesn’t give them protection from the animals getting inside of the boundary.

PetSafe wireless fence containment system: this type of wireless fence containment system works almost similar to the invisible wired fence system. But the wireless dog fence system is more hassle-free as there is no need to digging the ground and burying wires. It can cover up to ½ acres from the placement of an in-home transmitter. It also has a special feature that if a pet dog passes the boundary line wireless fence allows the pet to come back home without any electric or static correction. PetSafe
wireless fence provides a waterproof receiver (collar) that is compatible with all PetSafe wireless fence transmitters, as well as the collar, which can be customized with a tome mode for a specific area say for example play area. In this type of fence training system, multiple collars for multiple dogs can be added and customized on the basis of the dog’s personality. With all the advantages Petsafe wireless containment system has a disadvantage that it cannot be placed with owners convenience rather it has to be placed in a circular shape. Though it has a long-lasting battery life but is not rechargeable and needs to be changed from time to time from a prior indicator.

Buying Guide: We already know about what are dog training collars, their various types, and their working system. But if we don’t know what type of features in a collar, we need for our dog training then it won’t be fruitful to train as there are various types of models available in the market. So one can choose the best one for the dog as well as for his/herself by considering the following things before shortlisted some: Multiple signaling moods → many shocks or electric collars along with static shock provides 2/3 more signaling mood like light, tone, and vibration. So one must choose the one that is less harmful and threatening for the dogs. In this case, one can start with light and tone mode than shock stimulus. So before buying any dog training collar one needs to buy the one that has multiple signaling moods or stimuli. Level of stimulation → in the market the advanced electric dog training collar’s transmitter and sensor allows the trainer to customize the intensity of the shock that is delivered to the dog. So in this case one must look for a device or collar that includes a different levels of intensity before giving the extreme shock. In long processing training, it is very important to consider otherwise the extreme shock can be pathetic for the dog. so the main point is to find a device that allows the trainer to set a fine-tune intensity of the stimulus to be delivered before the shock. Maximum effect range → depending on the location where a trainer is going to train or control dog he/she needs the maximum effect range device. Generally, there is some shock dog training collar that gives 1000 feet range and some extend it to 500 yards. If someone wants to train outside, open place, or in a hilly place, he/she will need a maximum range but when it comes to using a collar in the neighborhood a specific range would work. So depending on the place, one should go after the dog collars that are included with maximum range. Waterproof → if someone uses a dog shock collar or dog training collar to give it freedom and safety outside and the dog loves to play in the water or wet place then a trainer needs a weatherproofed collar. But if a dog doesn’t love to play wet then one can skip it. Cost → people believe in the fact that the expensive collar comes with safe shock and greater services. That doesn’t really need to be true as the dog collar manufacturing company never published the actual voltage rating of their products. So with that being said, it doesn’t really matter whether you buy a cheap product or an expensive one until you be sure about its fine-tune stimulation and its various level.

At what age can I start my dog with electronic collar training? In order for training to be successful, your dog must be old enough to understand what is expected of him. It is recommended that you wait until your dog is approximately 5 to 6 months before you begin electronic dog collar training. Can anyone use an electronic dog training collar?
Yes. You do not have to be a pro trainer to use an electric dog collar. They are simple to use and only require consistency and timing on your part. How long should a dog wear a training collar? On average, most dogs can wear the collar for 8 -10 hours per day without having skin problems. But it is always important to relocate the receiver after a few hours of wear to reduce any likelihood of problems developing. Are training shock collars safe for my dog? Yes, but you should consider using a shock collar to train your dog, not as a punishment. Only if you’ve reached the limits of positive reinforcement, and even then only after enlisting the help and expertise of a professional trainer or veterinarian. Do vibration collars work for aggressive dogs? If you see signs of aggression in your dog, please seek the help of an expert, full-time, and independently certified dog behavior consultant. Shock collars are never a good idea when addressing aggression in dogs. They make things worse. Are electronic dog collars banned? No, all types of training collars are permitted to use. Remote Trainers, Pet fences, and bark control collars are still legal to use and buy. But the use of shock collars is banned in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Germany, and in some territories of Australia, including New South Wales and South Australia.
Should dogs sleep with collars on? A collar that is too tight or moderately tight can be harmful to a dog and can lead to skin irritation. So it is recommended to let your dog sleep at night without a collar to give your pet’s skin a chance to air out.
Does my dog need a collar if it has a harness? The fact is, your dog should have both a collar and a harness for the most effective training. The harness is the appropriate place for attaching your leash, it keeps your dog securely connected to you while eliminating strain on their neck. Is a dog collar necessary? Every dog needs a collar, chiefly because they need something on which to hang their leash, license, ID, and rabies vaccination tag.

Conclusion: Dog training collars are actually very important to train dogs but it is more important to determine an exact and harmless dog collar for a dog. From the above deliberation, a dog owner or trainer can find the information that he/she needs in a dog training collar considering a dog’s behavior and action as well as its safety.


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