How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog & Say Final Goodbye?


How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a DogLife and death are two hard reality for every existing being. It’s pretty unbearable when you lose someone really close. Suddenly your space feels lost and the thought of losing someone is scary itself. And this is the same for your pets as well. Even if nobody really wants to think about it, the truth is that one day your beloved dog won’t be around anymore. And as a pet parent, that loss is one of the hardest things to deal with.

Sharing your highs and lows with your beloved dog will stay with you forever, that’s another truth you should not forget, however.

Well, the topic we are about to discuss is related to a very common question pet owners ask after losing their dogs. And it’s about how much does it cost to cremate a dog and the factors surrounding it. With a heavy heart, let’s know something important after this regretting event takes place.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Dog – Possible Cost, Additional Costs & More.

There are many ways to bid the final farewell to your pet child. However, the most popular option that pet owners are interested in these days is dog cremation. It’s one ritual that you follow to keep your dog still living in your heart.

About Cremation.

The cost usually varies from 35 to 155 dollars.

It actually depends on what method you choose to do. Also, the size matter that plays a part here. Some additional services would also require charges that need attention.

The actual definition of cremation is burning dead body into ashes. It may sound harsh to you but in reality, there’s more to it. There’s a concept that says dust through art and dust through shalt will return back to this world. And so, that’s how cremation makes sense.

Even if your dog is still doing fine, you should be prepared with the right information regarding this. Because chances are you would be too emotional later to take a proper step. Usually, veterinarians recommend the cremation process.

Cost Depending on Three General Type.

Cremation can be three types generally. It could be a private cremation where a single chamber is booked for only you and the pet. There’s less chance of mixed up remains with this. After the process, you will receive pulverized ashes. Usually, it costs the most.

Then comes another method known as semi-private. It’s a process where more than one pet is cremated at the same time. Of course, all of them receive a separate chamber here. Yes, there’s some chances of a mix-up. However, it’s pretty low and manageable.

There’s variety in how the method takes place depending on one crematory to another. And so, the costs are also varying. However, it surely is less costly than the above-mentioned private cremation process.

And the final type is communal pet cremation. It’s the most budget-friendly option to go for. In this method, cremation happens for several animals at the exact same time. Here, the service providers use only one chamber for all pets.

You won’t be receiving the remains of your dog because of all-in-one-chamber process. And so, the ashes are disposed of by crematory. There are crematories that come with garden for the purpose of scattering remains.

Cost Depending on Size.

What Can You Give a Dog for ConstipationYour dog’s size will determine the cots as well. Suppose you have a Labrador dog. Then you are likely to spend more on its cremation than someone who owns a Pomeranian. Since bigger sized pets take huge areas in the chamber, cost needs to increment too. Also, the cremation process takes more time with extra size.

There will be a difference in cost depending on where you are taking your dog for cremation. Usually, they have sections and groups according to weight. The determined weight ranges have a specific cost that crematory proposes universally. So, it’s a good idea to call a few service providers before choosing anyone.

Other Extra Charges for Cremation.

Apart from the actual cremation, in most cases, you will also have to spend some more for other additional services. Let’s talk about these as well.

The Body Transfer Cost.

In most cases, for private and communal cremation, the service provider does not include charge for transferring a dog’s body. You need to pay for the transferring from veterinary clinic to home or crematory.

There are some vets that work with crematories on pick up charges. Even with such relations, you need to pay the transportation fee for body. Service providers notify you about this earlier and agree to come to your home for picking the body. The charge usually ranges somewhere between fifty to seventy-five dollars.

To Be Present During the Cremation Event.

Some pet owners would want to stay during the cremation process and witness it. In such cases, you will have to let go of some extra bucks from your pocket. This is known as viewing charges by crematoriums. Some people have the gut to witness cremation since it helps them in healing quickly.

To Buy Urns.

After the cremation process, ashes are put into a container for giving to you. Some owners like to pay honor to their beloved dog by getting it in a cremation urn.

In that case, there is a huge range of urns available to hold your furry friend’s final remaining with care. Cremation service companies should be able to manage one for you. Depending on specifications and quality, the price could be less or more.

Burying Cost.

With the remains, some owner decides to bury them and make it a memorial marker to keep their pets remembered forever. The memorial could be a simple granite plaque and also a huge garden stone. With the grandness, charges are going to increment here.

Also, there are crematoriums or cemeteries packages available these days. The packages usually come with burial plots. Depending on the space size for ashes, cost varies here as well. For the marker, you need to pay separately.

However, if you are living in a very populated area, then a mausoleum could be an ideal option for laying the remains of your dog. You just need to pay for it depending on area that the remaining need.

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Coping up with the pain of losing your most loyal friend will never be completely possible. But we can do our part of bidding them a proper goodbye, wishing they’ll be fine in another world. And that’s how pet owners are living so far being loved by their dearest buddies and suddenly one day, losing them forever.

Now that you know how much does it cost to cremate a dog, choose a suitable package or process that goes well with your financial condition. You’ll be drained and in horrible pain, I understand.

But for the very last time, take your chance of giving your pet child a proper goodbye. My condolence is always with people who have dealt with such a tragedy!

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