How To Install A Pet Door In a Smart Pet Door?


How to install a pet door:  We pet owners know just how difficult it is for our little buddies to maintain and keep a decent environment. And sometimes it is so hard to control our dogs and cats! After all, they like to stroll around a lot! So, what is the solution to keeping our pets indoors? A pet door, of course. A pet door not only helps us keep our pets indoors but also allows us to control when to let them out.

A pet door is a great way to monitor the passage of your pets even when you are not around. Moreover, rather than keeping the door open to unknown intruders, smart pet doors only allow entrance for your pet through their smart systems.

Even, you can install a pet door in both your doors or even on the wall. However, many pet owners go through a tough time while trying to install a pet door. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for how to install a pet door too! We’d explore how to install a pet door in a door and a wall in this blog too. Make sure to follow the directions properly!

How To Install A Pet Door In An Entrance Door?

The most widely used pet doors are the door-mounted ones. In order to correctly how to install a pet door, follow the following instructions.

  1. The first thing you should do is measurement. Measure the height and width of your pet and the door where the pet door needs to be installed. In the case of dogs, do not measure their head height. As they duck their head while going through the door, this would be excess head height. Do not exceed the height and shoulder width of your pet by more than 2 inches.
  2. Follow the template that comes with the door. The template shows the placement of the screws and hinges. Place the template on the door accordingly. Make sure the placement is a minimum of 3 inches above the lowest end of your door.
  3. Before putting the layout, remove the nails and hinges from the door and completely remove the door from the hinge. Now, lay the door on the floor facing the interior side upwards.
  4. Drill holes of accurate size at the four corners of the template just at the right places.
  5. For further accuracy, draw lines along the edges of the template. Now, using a jigsaw start cutting from one corner to the other according to the template. Make the whole cut using the jigsaw accordingly. For metal doors, using a metal cutting blade is recommended.
  6. Now, remove the cut piece. Using sandpaper, smoothen the rough ends of the cut.
  7. Then, check if the interior of the door fits or not. Make any adjustments, if needed.
  8. Now, for the hardware of the door, drill holes accordingly. Use the right size for the drillings. Keep the holes perpendicularly to the door.
  9. Fasten the nuts and the parts of the door. Make sure you place the sides of the door accordingly.
  10. Although many doors come with weatherproof seals, it is better to use an extra waterproof sealing around the edges.
  11. Now, hinge the door in its place and check the pet door if it functions accordingly.

How To Install A Pet Door On The Wall?

Well, depending on why your dog jumps over a fence, you can adopt a few steps. If you are looking for ways how to keep a dog from jumpings, you are in luck! You can keep a note of the following points.

Matting usually happens if you do not take care of your dog properly. Without proper brushing, furs get tangled in between and accumulate. Thus, it creates frizz. Even, the matting is more evident on a seasonal basis. During changing their coat for summer and winter, the matting is more common. If the loose fur is not brushed off regularly, their fur is likely to mat more.

Then, If your dog is a swimmer, you are likely more annoyed with their tangled fur. As after swimming the fur seems to remain wet, they get tangled easily and get matted easily. Thus, without proper drying and combing after swimming, your dog hair is more likely to have frizzy hair. So, if you want to know more about dogs with frizzy hair or how to take care of dog mats. Do read my blog here: how to shave a dog with matted hair

In this part, we would discuss how to install a pet door in a brick wall. Please bear in mind that installing a pet door on the wall is more complicated than the previous method we discussed.

Well, most of the well-known pet doors can be installed on a door. And in order to install them on walls, you need to get an additional pack. Also, you would need a number of professional tools to do so.

The tools needed for installing a pet door on the wall are given below.

Steps to follow for installing a pet door on a wall are given below

  1. You need to measure the thickness of the wall.
  2. Then, check if any electric lines or plumbing pipes pass through that wall.
  3. Clean the surface of the wall using a cloth accordingly.
  4. Now, if the set comes with a template, fit the template on the wall and do the markings accordingly. Or, take measurements of the pet door and outline on the wall accordingly.
  5. Use a drill to cut through the wall. You need to make a hole in order to put the door through the hole. Make cuts at all four directions through the drawn outline.
  6. Insert the tip of a reciprocating saw blade at the top left corner of the drilled hole. And rip down through the drawn line accordingly.
  7. Now, use the flat side of the wrecking bar. Place it at the top of the cut outline and gently slide the cut brick part of the wall out of the hole.
  8. Now put the pet door through the hole.

Why Install A Pet Door?

If you are still questioning yourself whether you need a pet door or not, you are in the dark. Because there is no reason not to use a pet door!  A pet door is ideal for everyone, especially if we are busy with our everyday life, a pet door can be a lifesaver. It is a great way to control your pet’s movement if your pet is a roamer.

There are many benefits to using a pet door. Firstly, you do not have to deal with scratches on the door. Then your home would also be secure. If your neighbor’s pet enters your house often, you can get rid of that problem too if you install a pet door. Even stray dogs cannot enter your home through a smart pet door.

And the most amazing feature of a pet door is that you can control when the door would be open. If you have to deal with your dog getting lost all too often, you can control when he can actually go out and when he cannot.

Then, you can control the training of your pet too. Even, many dog owners claim that their dogs bark lesser than before as they can easily access through the door.

Therefore, if you want to control your pets and let them live in a secure environment them. Hopefully, you were able to get the necessary info regarding how to install a pet door.


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