How To Keep A Dog From Jumping Fence?


Dogs are free creatures. However, keeping them under barrier is essential too which can be really intimidating. Of course in our check, we can let our pet roam around freely under our control. Whereas if we are not home, giving the freedom to dogs to roam around is of high risk.

They might roam around at other neighbor’s gardens and cause damage to their properties for which you would be held accountable. Or even worse, they may get into an accident and cause damage to themselves!

Are you tired of trying to learn how to keep a dog from the jumping fence? Even many of friends always used to worry about or dogs escaping the yard until recently when I shared my secret tips on how to keep a dog from jumping the fence. In this blog, I would discuss ways to keep your dogs within your boundary.

However, first, you should know usually why dogs jump out of the fence.

Why Dogs Jump Out Of The Fence?

     1. Feeling Lonely

Especially dog owners are aware of how emotional being our dogs are. They are extremely easy to create a bond with. On the other hand, they can easily get depressed if you are not spending time with them. In today’s age, we are extremely busy with our works and we barely have enough time for ourselves, let alone our dogs. Thus, our friends get bored easily.

In such situations, our dogs try to roam around to find friends. And in this desperate situation, dogs escape the fence around your yard.

     2. Chasing Animals

Dogs are curious animals. And they have tendencies to run around small animals just like the ball you throw at them to chase. Especially if it is a squirrel or a cat! Look around your yard for stray cats and other small animals. Or perhaps your dog chased after your neighbor’s cat? However, it is a bit rare in most cases.

     3. Separation Anxiety

Our dogs are not only loyal but also extremely attached to us. This was very common with my doggo. Whenever we leave for our work, the dog sometimes gets depressed. Or sometimes even if your and your family’s schedule changes, the dog becomes super worried. And thus decides to roam around. In most of the cases, they are found near your house.

     4. Mating

Like all other living beings, dogs also have the biological need for mating. Usually, dogs need 6 months to mature. After that, it is natural for them to look for their mate. In such cases, you need to take some steps in and control the dog from jumping fence.

Most of the cases I found among my close friends and relatives is this mating tendency that’s driving them to leave the fence. If this is the case, try neutering the dog first for stopping unnecessary pet birth.

How To Keep A Dog From Jumping Fence?

Well, depending on why your dog jumps over a fence, you can adopt a few steps. If you are looking for ways how to keep a dog from jumpings, you are in luck! You can keep a note of the following points.

Matting usually happens if you do not take care of your dog properly. Without proper brushing, furs get tangled in between and accumulate. Thus, it creates frizz. Even, the matting is more evident on a seasonal basis. During changing its coat for summer and winter, the matting is more common. If the loose fur is not brushed off regularly, their fur is likely to mat more.

Then, If your dog is a swimmer, you are likely more annoyed with their tangled fur. As after swimming the fur seems to remain wet, they get tangled easily and gets matted easily. Thus, without proper drying and combing after swimming, your dog hair is more likely to have frizzy hair. Read also

Why Do You Shave Matted Hair On A Dog?

Trimming a pup with matted hair or shaving it is actually much more complex than you would assume. While working with any of their sensitive parts you need to be extremely careful. It is always recommended to visit a professional for better trimming. However, with steady hands and a cooperative dog, you can shave your dog’s matted hair easily.

     1. Extend The Fence

Of course, increasing the height of your dog fence is a great way to stop the dog from jumping fence. But extending your fence does not necessarily mean adding another fence to the existing one. One thing you can do is creating a faux top around the fence. Simply by a L-footer or a lean-in setting of fence can be extremely beneficial.

Use some extra wires to extend the fence inwards from the top. This would create a shield. Both L-footer and lean-in systems create a waning effect. This discourages the dog from trying to jump or climb above the fence.

     2. Use A Second Dog Fence

Using a second fence is not a waste of money. Rather it is a great way to minimize your dog from jumping the high fences. One thing that accelerates the jumping capacity of our dogs is the initial run they make for it. The more space they have for running, the higher they can jump. The space you cover gives the momentum they need. Thus, jumping is easy for them. So, why not surprise them with a second fence!

Just add another second fence at just about a few feet away from the first one. Thus, your dog won’t get the chance to jump over the other one and roam between the fences! I actually tried using a portable fence which I doubled as my traveling fence. You can try it with your portable dog fence too.

 3. Remove Any Climbing Aid

Another thing that might help the medium size dogs to escape the fence is any material that is helping them reach higher. For instance, small bushes near the fence can facilitate their jumping.

If your dog is an avid climber type, it is extremely crucial to do perimeter landscaping or looking for things that could help them climb further. Sometimes, if you place your watering spigot near the fence, that could work in favor of climbing too. Moreover, look out for any bricks or stones, garbage cans, benches, etc. near the fence.

     4. Play With Your Dog

Most of the cases when dogs are inclined to jumping fences are due to boredom. And they can easily be cured by simply spending time with them. This is a great way as your dog would be tired from playing around and would refrain from doing any tedious jumping and climbing the fence. Moreover, you can get your dog some toys that keep him engaged even when you are not around!

   5. Block Your Dog’s View

For dogs who are of a watchdog breed, the sight of anything dangerous drives them to jump the fence. Even not watching what is happening outside somewhat keeps the pooch less curious. There are several ways to do this. Reed fencing is by far the cheapest way which is extremely good. Or you can try using it as well.

However, wooden fencing may come as an expensive option but a rather useful one to block the view completely. Another way that I highly suggest is by planting decorative trees along the perimeter.

Not only this is a great way to cover up, but also a great way to live close to nature.

 6. Use A Wireless Fence

Wireless fencing is really a great way if you want to keep your yard open. It allows you to control and train your dog in a minimally invasive way by using simulations. Thus, you can control your dogs easily from going out of the fence.

If your problem is that your dog always goes out of your fence, in this blog I tried to enlist almost all the reason they might jump the fence. Along with it, I mentioned some ways how to keep a dog from jumping fence. I hope it was helpful to you!

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