How to Properly Train a Dog with a Shock Collar? [6 Command Training]


How to Properly Train a Dog with a Shock CollarWell, you may be one of those people who think that using a dog collar is pretty inhuman. Or maybe you know that using technology with the right sense of responsibility can be beneficial and harmless. No matter what your opinion is in this matter, there’s no denial to the fact that dog collars are quite successful at modifying and embellishing good behaviors in your darling pet.

The trick is to know how to properly train a dog with a shock collar. Also, today we are not limited to shock collars that come with least stimulation settings. Instead, you can have a huge range of setting to control the shock level without hurting your dog. Rather, annoying or irritating it a slightly to avoid doing something in particular.

How to Train Your Dog with a Shock Collar – 6 Command Training.

Because of the gentle evolution that took place about twenty years ago, today’s remote collars come with a very versatile setting option. However, even with the tons of levels available, you still need some guidance to follow regarding how to train your dog using a shock collar.

We’ll be talking about some command training below, the common ones mostly…

Training Your Dog to Sit.

The most common command to start with is sit command. That’s basically how to introduce a shock collar to a dog at the very beginning. You should be aware of recognition level for the remote training collar.

Use a different, not metallic collar to attach to your dog’s neck. The placement should be just above actual training collar. Now you need to fix the leash. There should be no pressure from the extra collar on contact points. I mean the two little prongs.

Now use one hand to hold the leash and remote. With your other hand make a gesture to your dog that guides to sit. You need to press and hold the button. Make the sitting command instantly. Keep on holding the button. Once your dog agrees to sit in position, release the button. Now praise your dog. Let it move from the position and play along. You should repeat this process to make the command understandable by your dog.

Training Your Dog to Come.

The next thing you should learn on how to train dog with shock collar is teaching come command. You want to fit the collar on your dog and hold leash as well as remote with one hand.

Now, wait until your dog wants to walk away. Turn the stimulation level on and instantly command to come. You need to hold the button this time as well. Using leash, guide the dog to come towards you. As soon as it starts walking towards you, release the button. Pat on its head or give a treat as a reward.

Training Your Dog to Stay.

Sometimes when visitors come into your house, you’ll want your dog to stay in a certain position. This command is basically for that. To teach your dog to stay, start by putting it on the right spot.

Staying about 3 feet within, walk around the perimeter of that spot. You should say nothing unless the dog starts leaving. As soon as your dog starts doing so, press the button. And provide the stay command.

You need to hold button until it comes back to the designated spot. Once it settles into space, let him move. Give him some treat or praise as a gesture of reward.

Training the Heel Command.

To keep your dog disciplined on walks and during off-leash moments, you want it to understand the heel command. Start by shortening the leash while walking with your dog beside. Now let go of the leash gradually.

If your dog tends to move away, press the button for stimulation. And give the command heel instantly. Using the leash, you want to pull your dog back gently. So that you can guide him about where to be. Once it comes back to your side, release the button. Give a treat or praise him.

Stop Your Dog from Jumping on People.

This training is a bit advanced than the above discussed 4 basic ones. It’s for those pet dogs who have an annoying habit of jumping over people. You should not encourage such behavior and do something about it.

Use a certain stimulation level that is higher than the usual one. Now once it starts jumping over people use the button and command sit. If it does so immediately, release the button. Praise the dog with a treat or gentle patting.

You want your dog to practice this on several occasions and on different people as a distraction. Sometimes your dog might ignore the stimulation. So, you should repeat the sit command more than a few times before increasing level.

Preventing Your Dog from Digging in Garden.

How to use a dog training collarSometimes your hours of hard work get wasted because your dog dug up the garden bed. They do so for getting cool and shaded areas for themselves. So that they can lie down. It could be because of boredom or its their nature.

By providing a cool shaded area and some exercise routine, you can avoid and control this digging behavior. That’s probably not the case with headstrong dogs. So, using a collar can save you. The stimulation level should be one step further than recognition level. Let the receiver collar stay with your dog for a few minutes.

Now let the dog go around your garden. Make sure there is no people or other pet around. Hide somewhere nearby where your dog can’t see you. Once your dog starts digging press the button.

As soon as it stops digging, release the button. Wait for a few minutes to check whether the dog starts digging at another spot. If the dog does not respond to your stimulation, increase it slowly. You should only press the button when it starts digging. Never do it earlier or afterward.


And that’s some general command for how to properly train a dog with a shock collar. Use these basic and mid advanced level commands to teach your dog some discipline. However, make sure you are not being cruel with the little thing. It should never feel hurt with the shocks.

You should always pay extra attention to choosing the right recognition level. Of course, training your dog is a very important responsibility that every pet parent needs to take. However, make sure you are not disturbing the dog’s actual pace to get a quicker and reckless result.

Pet guardians should be very strict about being compassionate and caring for their beloved pets. You need to keep them growing well and learn certain good stuffs in the most humane and painless way. Don’t use your authority as an entitlement of mistreatment. See it as a big privilege. Let it get trained in a fear-free way. Good Luck!

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