How To Shave A Dog With Matted Hair?


Does your dog’s hair get matted easily? It is very annoying when we have to deal with our dogs when their hair all matted for sure. Not only it causes hardship to you, but also your dogs face a lot of discomfort due to their hairs getting matted.

Their skin is extremely irritated which makes them lick their matted hair. And licking makes the matting all the more difficult to detangle. So, how to shave a dog with matted hair?

Of course, there are ways to shave a dog with matted hair but it is a lot more complicated process than you may think. In this blog, we would discuss why dog hair gets matted and how to shave a dog with matted hair? Also, be sure to follow till the end to know what to do to stop the matting of dog hair.

Why Dog Fur Gets Matted?

Matting of a dogs fur is not something uncommon. Especially with some specific breed like a Poodle gets easily matted. Sometimes just by mere looking, you cannot tell if the dog’s hair is matted or not. One way to know if your dog’s hair is matted or not is by combing through its fur.

If the comb does not get stuck and glides easily, it is a clear indication that the hair is not matted. However, if you need to struggle with the comb and it does not glide that easily, you need to take the necessary measures to get rid of the matting.

Matting usually happens if you do not take care of your dog properly. Without proper brushing, furs get tangled in between and accumulate. Thus, it creates frizz. Even, the matting is more evident on a seasonal basis. During changing its coat for summer and winter, the matting is more common. If the loose fur is not brushed off regularly, their fur is likely to mat more.

Then, If your dog is a swimmer, you are likely more annoyed with their tangled fur. As after swimming the fur seems to remain wet, they get tangled easily and get matted easily. Thus, without proper drying and combing after swimming, your dog hair is more likely to have frizzy hair.

Why Do You Shave Matted Hair On A Dog?

Trimming a pup with matted hair or shaving is actually much more complex than you would assume. While working with any of their sensitive parts you need to be extremely careful. It is always recommended to visit a professional for better trimming. However, with steady hands and a cooperative dog, you can shave your dog’s matted hair easily.

I have listed some of the steps you need to take in order to give your dog grooming.

     1. Tame Your Dog

Firstly, take your dog out for a stroll before actually starting the shaving and grooming process. This would keep the dog in a cheerful mood and he would be more cooperative during the grooming. As shaving needs steady hands, your dog also needs to be calm. Playing with the dog would make him more friendly than before.

    2. Determine The Extent of Matting

Now, take a methodical approach during the cuttings. Focus on the spots where you can see an obvious frizz. For example, its neck, back of the legs, or stomach. Not only these parts, but you may also see growing hair at other critical parts as well like under the ears, at the tail, etc.

And of course, check for the overall growth at all other body parts. In case of severe hair matting, do not forget to do as much as detangling possible at first. This would be great to get a more clear shave.

     3. Remove The Matting With Different Approaches

Removing and detangling the frizz should be your first aim for sure. Use different methods when it comes to it. Start more gently by using your fingers. Gently carass the dog with your fingers and separate the hair knots as much as possible. Then, using a slicker brush is a great idea.

Take small sections of hair and brush through each portion at a time. Always move towards the hair growth direction for better detangling. Brush a few times to ensure that the mattings are eased.

Afterward, if the tangling still persists, using a mat rake is ideal. If you still see dense bushes of fur after brushing, cut through the bush using this rake. But you need to have a steady grip as it might cause harm to the dog if extra pressure is used

By now, you should have been able to cut through all your pet matting. And if the case is serious enough, you must be wondering how to shave a hair with matted hair. In such a case, use a type of guarded pet clipper. This can a=only be used if a single part or a few parts are covered in thick fur.

In case, if the whole body is still covered with a thick mat, it is wise to shave it off. Using an electronic trimmer is the safest option for pet owners. As a trimmer is secured, using it all over the dog to shave would be easy.

     4. Bath Your Dog

After all these tiring works, the last and best thing is to give a bath to your dog. Use The best dog shampoo and conditioner to allow thorough care of its fur.

How To Save A Dog From Matting Hair?

If you have a dog with matted hair or even had one, you know how frustrating it is to care for it. It needs hours of detangling and shaving to get rid of the most stubborn matts. So, what is the solution to keep the dogs free of matted hair? It is pretty simple actually!

One point you should always keep in mind is to look after your dog properly. Especially if it has a lengthier coat, make sure it is combed more frequently. The only factor that is incredibly helpful when it comes to stopping the hair matting is daily combing.

Then, always use shampoo and conditioners during bathing your dog. A cleaner coat would ensure less matting. Also, be sure to dry them properly once they are bathed or after taking them for a swim.

Lastly, ensure periodic trimming. If you trim off the excess hair, it reduces the chance of matting a lot.

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