How to Train a Dog with a Remote Collar – Tips to Follow


How to Train a Dog with a Remote CollarHow to Train a Dog with a Remote Collar – Tips to Follow. A predilected pup that can’t resist barking continuously on people can become a thing to worry about for pet parents. You’ve tried to read plenty of books on controlling the behavior for that. And now, the stuff remote collar has grabbed your attention.

Basically, this thing provides a gentle sensation that isn’t hurtful but a bit annoying for dogs. And using the troublesome sensation you train your dog by making it believe that a particular wrong behavior is creating problem.

This is, however, a very controversial tool and method that people are scared to use. Of course, you need to be very delicate plus careful when using such devices on your precious pet. There is a strategical and safe manner of how to train a dog with a remote collar. And by using right methods, it’s rather effective and quick in showing results.

Tips on How to Use Remote Dog Training Collar.

Using the e-collar or remote collar needs some basic understanding of certain strategies. Apart from reading the manual, you should also have a look at some common tips that are very helpful on this journey of making your dog a bit more obedient.

Let’s Talk About a Few of Them After Getting Some Ideas on How the Tool Basically Works…

General Mechanism of Remote Collar.

Remote collars are basically gentle shocking devices that come with the controlling units. These are fantastic at stopping your dog’s unwanted and stubborn behavior. It’s basically a device that trains them by changing their mind about certain tasks.

These are surely not a device you should use as a form of punishment. Instead, pet parents use it to make the dog learn about negative or unsafe behaviors. Because of the slight discomfort while associating with unwanted behavior, they would start recognizing it as a problem.

Usually, the remote collars come with several levels of stimulation. You can control the level to the least number that makes your dog react in a harmless way. The two-pronged device attached to your dog’s collar are sensation delivering parts.

Choose the Right Remote Collar.

How to use a dog training collarYou should buy the collar that comes with features suitable for your particular dog. It should not feel uncomfortable or make your dog choke. The device needs to be precisely made without including any harmfulness.

You are going to use it for your pet child, be sure to have multiple considerations before buying one. Also, sometimes, because of a poor choice collar, the overall training fails.

Some collar is the very opposite of what you might fear. They make a really poor sensation that hardly gets your dog’s attention. You want to take everything into consideration before buying the right one finally.

The Comfortable Shocks Setting Recognition.

This is the most important thing to understand for using a remote collar. The right level of stimulus needs to be identified before actual training. Many pet parents avoid this very simple key that actually makes the whole training successful.

You need to choose a shock setting that grabs your pet’s attention. However, it should never cause serious pain to your dog. Usually, the right shock will make your dog perk his ears. Sometimes they also react by turning head.

However, if you notice that your dog is yelping, then avoid that shock setting. It’s too strong. The same goes for when your dog puts his tail between leg area. You can also test the vibration levels on your own hand to be completely assured.

A Beeping Collar Is Better.

There are some models of remote collar that come with a beep delivering option. If you can make your dog learn to associate with the beep only, then there will be no need to use shock. And that probably is the finest case scenario to happen.

These models that I’m talking about basically provide a beep before giving vibration. And sometimes, the dog gets used to stop misbehaving with this beep alone. If that becomes the case, you can sooner stop vibration providing training. And also, it’ll be easier to teach further commands without need of shock.

Storing Remote in Pocket or Back.

Your dog must never find out that you have a remote controlling the vibrational shock it is feeling. There will be chances of your dog getting aggressive as soon as it sees the remote. That could make him afraid of the remote rather than wrong action. And this training’s main aim is to make your dog aware of the wrong behavior, not any tool or stuff.

Using the Collar as Your Only Training Tool is Wrong.

Rather than getting all dependent on negative stimuli, you should try other things as well. There are several pieces of evidence that state positive stimuli can bring better results to train dogs.

You should make a habit of rewarding your pet whenever he or she does a correct behavior. You can make him learn the word no. And then make your dog understand that negative behavior will be punished. Simply use voice command for that.

This way, you can limit the usage of remote collar only for certain behaviors. For example, to train your dog to not go into the road, showing aggression towards leash, barking at a visitor or any type of aggressive behavior.

Don’t Forget A Proper Written Policy to Use the Remote Collar.

The tool is pretty serious and powerful. And so, there are many states that demand you to know proper policy. This will help to avoid misuse and abuse by using a remote or electric collar. Make sure you know about the policies and agree with all terms. To keep your pet safe, this check-up is necessary. So, don’t avoid it thinking everything will be fine.

Don’t Make Your Dog Dependent on Collar.

If you attach this tool on your dog and start shocking it right away, they’ll sense in minutes that the collar is making such vibration. And then it would start fearing the device. As a result, once you take off the collar, they’ll start doing same misbehavior again.

This is known as collar dependency. You should not make your dog be dependent on the collar to behave properly. And to avoid such a problem, let your dog get unafraid of the collar. Don’t make any sort of vibration for several days and let the dog be absolutely fearless about collar’s existence.

After that, you can make vibrations when he or she does something wrong. That way your dog will realize the problem is wrong behavior. And that’s the key to get successful with using a remote collar.


Learning about how to train a dog with a remote collar and its right usage are the must-do tasks you should clear before actually using one. You should be fully aware of both the pros and cons of using a remote collar.

There’s no way you could be irresponsible when it comes to parenting your pets. There are even training DVDs available that showcase proper methods and related tips to make a pet parent even more aware of the actual formula. You can also try these to make things completely safe. Good Luck!

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