Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Beds?


We all love our dogs. And we want our dogs to have a comfortable sleep. You might as well have bought the best dog bed from the market. The same day before going to bed, you probably have caught your furry companion digging and scratching their bed for no reason. And you might be thinking whether there are some fleas or critters which are making your dog a bit uncomfortable. Well, don’t worry. There is nothing wrong with the dog nor with the expensive bed, you bought just two days ago. Then why do dogs dig their beds? Read this article to find it out. In this article we have shared some deep reasons why do dogs dig in bed or why do dogs scratch their bed?

It’s Perfectly Normal

Well, there are several reasons why dogs dig their beds before settling to sleep. But before that, you should know that it is completely normal for dogs to do that. You don’t need to think about anything like whether or not your dog has a mental disorder or whether you are causing any problem to it. And you need to remember that you are not the first person to experience this. Every dog owner has to go through this. So don’t worry this behaviour is common among dogs of all breeds.

Why Do Dogs Dig In Their Beds?

  • Comfort and high temperature

Dogs can do it for their comfort. just like we arrange and fluff our pillows. If your dog starts to feel too cold or too hot they will start digging their beds to find comfort. They think that by doing that they will be able to get the desired temperature they want. In cold climates, many animals dig holes to protect themselves from storms. In hot climates, animals like snakes and crocodiles do this to protect them from blistering hot. This behaviour came about from thousand years ago when the temperature was a very big factor in the survival of many animals.

  • For Territory remarks

You might have seen dogs urinate outside to mark their territory. They do this because they have a unique scent, usually, they show their territory to other dogs using their scent. This is their way of letting other animals know about their territory. Well, this is not the only way they can do it. And dogs have a scent gland in their paws. This scent is unique to your dog only. You might have caught your dog while scratching on the trees and also the ground to leave their scent around.

  • Learned behaviour

Your dog might have seen other dogs doing the same thing outside, and from that, it has also started doing it. It can also be the case if you bring in a new pet in your house which is also a dog.

  • For new puppies

If your female dog is pregnant or about to have her puppies then she will increase this behaviour. Because a hormonal change occurs in female dogs to make space for their puppies. This is called nesting. She is getting ready for her newborn babies to provide warmth and comfort. This sudden behaviour during pregnancy can be an alarming sign for you that your dog will go into labour very soon.

  • Hidden Treasures

Dogs tend to hide their treasures, for example, sweets or a special toy somewhere deep under the ground. You can track this and find his favourite toy or things that he tends to save for later. Although it sounds rude, you should not encourage this behaviour as it can ruin things like your favourite sports shoe.

What To Do?

To encourage your canine to sleep someplace else, you could create a secure space for her to sleep in where she will be able to dig as much as she wants. This region can include a canine mattress, vintage blankets or rugs, or sometimes a few boxes and open crates are also beneficial. Then, you can inspire your dog to relax in this area, supplying reward and treats whilst your canine chooses the vicinity to rest in. You must decide to not permit your dog on your mattress, you may shout “no!” in case your dog jumps on your mattress, as regularly as it occurs, so that it will educate her that she isn’t always allowed at the bed.

How To Prevent This Behavior?

As we know that your dogs digging in their bed is instinctive, that’s why this behaviour cannot be prevented. However, if you try your best then you can redirect this behaviour. If you haven’t owned a bed yet and you allow your dog to sleep with you then you must give your dog separate bedding, where it can dig as much as they desire.

And if you bought the bed, you could still save her from digging into your bedding or floors and inflicting harm to it. It is most effective when nicely supervised, by no longer allowing your dog in your bed or permitting her on it, in addition to offering her very own comfy napping region, she will be able to “dig” as she likes.

You’ll have to encourage your dog to sleep in her location and praise her and offer her treats while she digs on this region. You may use the down or settle command if your dog is aware of it or use a toy or even treat to prevent the digging. In case your domestic dog is destructive to your bedding, reflect on consideration on giving them their blanket or sheet to dig at – for that reason sparing your proper stuff.

If creating a comfy spot for your canine to sleep stops the insanity of bed-scratching, existence might be less difficult for canine owners. Unfortunately, even the fine dog beds can’t put off their instinctive behaviour. That’s why I can take a little while to redirect their behaviour.

Hopefully, now you have a better idea about why do dogs dig in their beds? And I hope this article I could answer your question about why do dogs dig in their beds? Thanks for reading till the end.

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